Mom, Dad and Randy visit Grandma in Cleverland, but Randy forgets to take ChaCha along. ChaCha is sitting bored and lonely at home when Bull comes to visit. ChaCha decides to catch up with Randy. After many little adventures, ChaCha and Bull reach Cleverland. Meanwhile, Randy has been feeling homesick, or ChaCha-sick rather, so Grandma gives Randy a little toy car that his father use to play with. When Randy is left alone with the toy, the toy starts to hop around and croak. BuBu Pyoko was a frog that chose to become a toy car. Pyoko loved to sing to Grandma from the garden when he was a frog. Pyoko noticed that Grandma took good care of the toy car, so Pyoko decided to become the toy car in order to always stay close to Grandma.
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