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Update.Feb 01.2005

BuBu ChaCha and I Love! BuBu ChaCha on Nickelodeon Japan!
"BuBu ChaCha" and "I Love! BuBu ChaCha" will be broadcast on Nickelodeon Japan (a Sky PerfecTV Satellite Channel) starting April 2005. The show times are Mondays thru Fridays, 9:30AM and 15:30PM (rerun). Enjoy!!

Update.June 04.2004

BuBu ChaCha on AT-X and BS Japan!
BuBu ChaCha has finished its 5-year run on NHK as of March 2004. From April 2004, BuBu ChaCha has started running on AT-X (a Sky PerfecTV Sattelite Channel) and simultaneously on BS Japan (another sattelite channel), until March, 2005.

Update.December 03.2003

Christmas Special on Nick!
Nickelodeon Japan will broadcast Episodes #1 thru #7 of BuBu ChaCha (the first series) everyday, starting December 28, thru January 3

Update.September 13.2003

Bubu ChaCha to be broadcast in the UK
GMTV2 has begun to air Bubu ChaCha and I Love Bubu ChaCha this Fall. Audiences in the UK are enjoying the series, and kids will soon be able to participate in a contest to win Bubu ChaCha merchandise!

Update.August 21.2003

I Love Bubu ChaCha to air on TRT in Turkey!
I Love Bubu ChaCha will begin to air on Turkish Radio and Television later this Fall! This will be the first time kids in Turkey will get to follow the adventures of ChaCha and Buddy.

Update.March 11.2002

BuBu ChaCha to be rebroadcast on NHK Terrestrial
BuBu ChaCha will be broadcast for the 3rd time around, on NHK Channel 3 Educational. The past two broadcasts have been on NHK satellite, but this time, all of Japan can get to watch BuBu ChaCha, since it will be on the terrestrial channel of NHK. It will be broadcast every Saturdays from 5PM, starting Aril 6.
Update.September 25.2001

BuBu ChaCha chosen as Image character for home security company,
Central Keibi Hoshou K.K..

Central Keibi will have images of BuBu ChaCha displayed in their showrooms, and will give out posters and prepaid cards.
Central Keibi will also run ads in newspapers and magazines, with images of BuBu ChaCha along with their new products.

Update.May 2.2001

BuBu ChaCha on the Airplane
From August 1 thru October 31, Virgin Atlantic Airways will show 1 episode of BuBu ChaCha on flights between Tokyo and London

Update.April 25.2001

Lots and Lots of New BuBu ChaCha Books
These are the publish dates of 8 new BuBu ChaCha Books in Japan:
May 10, from NHK Publishing, BuBu ChaCha Playland & BuBu ChaCha Story Book (3 Volumes)
June 1, from Media Factory, BuBu ChaCha Picture book
June, from Asahi Publishing, BuBu ChaCha English (3 Volumes)

Update.April 25.2001

Animation Festival 2001 in Suginami
Suginami Ward is having an Animation Festival on April 28 and 29, with screenings of various animation (including BuBu ChaCha) that has been produced in Suginami Ward's animation production houses.


Original Children's Picture Book Contest
An original children's picture book contest will be held on the Internet at (Japan only). From the above website, write a story for all of the 7 pictures you see and submit it it Media Factory. The best stories will be printed in Media Factory's new BuBu ChaCha book which is to be published on June 10.

Update.February 15.2001

BuBu ChaCha Rides Installed
The first 5 units of the BuBu ChaCha Amusement Rides have been installed in various locations of Ito Yokado in Japan. If you see it, hop on and enjoy the ride!

Update.February 13.2001

BuBu ChaCha Sequel Coming Soon (Japan)!
The sequel to BuBu ChaCha, "I Love! BuBu ChaCha" will be broadcast on NHK BS-2 starting May 10, every Thursdays, from 6:00 PM. Don't miss it!!

Update.February 8.2001 Renewal Open!
Go to the following home page and enjoy various games, and lots of fun with BuBu ChaCha.

BuBu ChaCha to be broadcast in Italy!
BuBu ChaCha will be broadcast in Italy on Terrestrial TV, RAI from October 2001.
Please tell all your friends.

Update.December 25.2000

BuBu ChaCha Greeting Card Services Begins
BuBu ChaCha Greeting Card services have begun on the below website (Japanese only).
You can choose from 8 different pictures. Please send them to your friends.

Update.December 20.2000

BuBu ChaCha CD-ROM on sale!
An educational CD-ROM of BuBu ChaCha went on sale today in Japan.
This CD-ROM consists of 4 stories, 6 games, and 5 playing kits, with original music score. Priced at ¥4,500.

Update.November 8.2000

BuBu ChaCha i-mode Services Starts
Character download services on NTT DoCoMo's i-mode, on the NHK menu will begin from November 20, 2000 in Japan. Different BuBu ChaCha characters can be download everyday. ¥100 per month.

Update.November 1.2000

Two BuBu ChaCha Events End in Big Success
On October 27 at the Hearing Dog Charity Event in Tokyo, the first episode of BuBu ChaCha was shown.

On October 28 and 29, at Espa Kawasaki (IY Group), a crowd of over a 1000 people gathered to play BuBu ChaCha CD-Rom, coloring contests, talk show by celebrities Ms.Yu Hayami and Ms.Mika Iwaki, and by the producer.

Update.October 12.2000

World's first talking character vending machine
The world's first talking BuBu ChaCha vending machine for juices was revealed today. It talks to you when you walk by or purchase a drink. The juice comes out of ChaCha's mouth.
On the same day, BuBu ChaCha's amusement ride was also revealed. These machines will be out on the streets in Japan towards the end of this year, so look out for them.

Update.September 6.2000

BuBu ChaCha from Oct, 2 in HongKong
The Cantonese version of BuBu ChaCha will be broadcast in HongKong on TVB from October 2, every Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 17:05.

Update.September 5.2000

BuBu ChaCha CD-ROM giveaway!
We will be giving away a BuBu ChaCha Playing Kit CD-ROM presented by Mediafactory to the lucky fans. The CD-ROM will consist of lots of fun and games,a promotion clip and also a software to download the BuBu ChaCha Town powered by Commontown Pte Ltd. Keep watching The Disney Channel so you know where to write in.

Update.September 5.2000

BuBu ChaCha CD Re-release!
Both BuBu ChaCha CD Single and Soundtrack Album are to be re-reieased by MediaFactory on September 27 in Japan.

Update.August 1.2000

BuBu ChaCha to be broadcast in Thailand!
BuBu ChaCha will be broadcast in Thailand on Cable TV, UBC from October. Please let all your friends know.

Update.June 19.2000

BuBu ChaCha on Philippines television
BuBu ChaCha will be broadcast in the Philippines on ABS-CBN from this autumn.

Update.April 19.2000

BuBu ChaCha on Disney Channel Asia!?
BuBu ChaCha will be broadcast on Disney Channel Asia in the following countries from July: Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines and Brunei. BuBu ChaCha is the first Japanese TV animation to be broadcast on this channel. Do tell all your friends.

Update.March 27.2000

BuBu ChaCha in Taiwan
BuBu ChaCha will be broadcast on TTV in Taiwan from April 1. Let all your friends in Taiwan know.

Update.February 4.2000

BuBu ChaCha Once More!!
BuBu ChaCha will be rerun on NHK BS-2 starting April 20, every Thursdays at 18:30. Those of you who have missed the first run, here is your chance to catch it all.

Update.January 17.2000

BuBu ChaCha Friends: Taiwan Earthquake Charity Fund collect ¥559,827!!
The BuBu ChaCha Friends Taiwan Earthquake Charity Fund collected a total of 559,827 Yen during the 6 Saturdays from November 6, 1999 thru December 18, 1999. With everybody's kindness and help, we have collected this amount and donated it to the Taiwan Earthquake Relief Fund through the Japan Red Cross Society.
Update.December 20.1999

BuBu ChaCha Invades Korea!
BuBu ChaCha's ratings on KBS Korea has surpassed expectations, and achieved ratings of over 10% for every episode, with a share of 43%, in a time slot which usually gets 5 to 6% ratings.

Update.November 25.1999

BuBu ChaCha to be Broadcast in Korea
BuBu ChaCha will begin its first overseas broadcast in Korea today on KBS, every Thursdays and Fridays. Don't forget to tell all your friends in Korea.

Update.November 4.1999

Buddy and ChaCha to help our friends in Taiwan
The staff and friends of BuBu ChaCha will hold a charity fund raising campaign for the victims of the Taiwan earthquake, every 6 consecutive Saturdays from 13:00 until 17:00 at Akihabara, starting on November 6, 1999.

Update.October 6.1999

Grade-schoolers perform BuBu ChaCha ending theme, "Let's Cross a Bridge Together"!!
On September 26, students of Yamaguchi Shiritsu Susenji Grade School performed "Let's Cross a Bridge Together" as their Sports Day Theme Song. Due to the Typhoon #18 that struck the area, the children did not have time to rehearse, but were very satisfied at the result. This performance will be broadcast on NHK BS-2.

Update.October 6.1999

BuBu ChaCha as Red Cross Character
The Japan Red Cross Society has chosen BuBu ChaCha as their campaign starting this month. Watch out for posters and giveaways.

Update.September 17.1999

Families Enjoy BuBu ChaCha
300 students of Yaguchi Kindergarten, their parents and teachers enjoyed watching 3 episodes of BuBu ChaCha on the last summer holiday weekend. This was initiated by a mother of one of the students. She says she happened to watch the show on TV and wanted more children to enjoy the show and learn something from it.

Update.September 17.1999

Sara and Mary to meet on Radio??
Fans, Sara and Mary are going to talk to each other for the first time. Not on the show but on radio. Yes Sara (voice by Yu Hayami) will invite Mary (voice by Taeko Kawada) as a guest o her radio show. The program will be broadcast on September, 19, 1999.

Update.September 17

BuBu ChaCha Original Stickers
Check out our Online Shop for the BuBu ChaCha Original Stickers. Stick 'em everywhere.